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What is/are the “state of the discourse(s)” of multilingualism in 2012?

What does the "critical" mean in Critical Multilingualism Studies?

How can neighboring disciplines collaborate better with one another in their inquiries about multilingualism?

What “blind spots” vis-à-vis multilingual praxis and theory still persist in disciplinary gaps and overlaps, and what reorientations may be necessary in order to address them?

Is a desire to search for a shared analytical vocabulary about multilingualism across disciplines justifiable? Or does the endeavor to develop an interdisciplinary lingua
franca itself qualify as a kind of impulse toward monolingualism?

Have methodological norms in a given disciplinary sphere enabled and/or excluded specific modes of inquiry into multilingualism?

Can multilingualism as an object of inquiry serve as a "contact zone" among differing disciplinary and methodological models?

How is multilingualism in literature changing? Are new forms emerging that would not have been possible 20 years ago?

What are the implications of historical artifacts such as dictionaries, lexicography, grammatical descriptions, and taxonomies in the study of multilingualism and monolingualism?

What are the implications of free online machine translation platforms and their use in volunteer translating?