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Critical Multilingualism Studies - Release of Vol. 1.1

Sunday, November 25, 2012 - 7:55pm
Introducing Critical Multilingualism Studies The editors are happy to announce the inaugural issue of the journal Critical Multilingualism Studies - Inaugural Issue Vol. 1 | Number 1 Mary Louise Pratt (New York University) “’If English was good enough for Jesus…” Monolinguismo y mala fe” Thomas Ricento (University of Calgary) “Political Economy and English as a ‘Global’ Language” Laura Callahan (City College-CUNY) “Pre-imposition vs. in situ Negotiation of Group and Individual Identities: Spanish and English in US Service Encounters” Doris Sommer (Harvard University) Elijah Wald (Tufts University) “Bi-Musical Moves In Luis Humberto Crosthwaite and Little Joe Hernández” Brian Lennon (Pennsylvania State University) “Can Multilingualism Be Simulated?” Claire Kramsch (University of California, Berkeley) “Authenticity and Legitimacy in Multilingual SLA” The next issue will appear in March 2013 and will feature contributions from Michael Holquist, Deborah Cameron, Thomas Paul Bonfiglio, Alison Phipps, and Glenn Levine. Critical Multilingualism Studies invites new submissions from the various fields of inquiry that take stock of paradigms and discourses of multi- and monolingualism, including but not limited to applied linguistics, linguistics, second language acquisition and teaching, history, film and literary studies, political science, translation studies, education, computer science, cognitive science, and anthropology. Both empirical and theoretical studies are welcome. For further information please email